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Serour Report on MBC Tv
Canada Is Being Dragged Into Yet Another Military Conflict
SANDY HOOK UPDATE , Exclusive Interview with Wolfgang Halbig
Day 3 and Prime Minister Stephen Harper did know of the 90k cheque
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Serour Report on MBC Tv

Canada Is Being Dragged Into Yet Another Military Conflict

Canada Is Being Dragged Into Yet Another Military Conflict

What has happened to my country, Canada? We have a Conservative majority government now in power who wants to bring Canada into multiple military conflicts, whether they are legal or not. First it was Afghanistan, we were told we would be there helping to rebuild but instead we had 158 of our soldiers brought home in caskets. Then we were told that we did not know the prisoners we handed over to the US were tortured, although we found out later we did know and did it anyway.

SANDY HOOK UPDATE , Exclusive Interview with Wolfgang Halbig

SANDY HOOK UPDATE , Exclusive Interview with Wolfgang Halbig

Wake Up To The Truth (Hosted by Eric Wilkinson & Mike Serour) field reporter Jeff Lehman informed us that he was in contact with Wolfgang Halbig. Wolfgang is the leading researcher into the Sandy Hook event and recently has been awaiting a Freedom Of Information Act hearing to have a few key questions answered. Due in court March 31 2015 Wolfgang waited... the time came and went. Now it has been re-booked for April 24th and MUST happen this time, we will be in contact with Mr Halbig with further reports on what happens.



Water fluoridation is the practice of adding industrial grade fluoride chemicals to water, for the sole purpose of preventing tooth decay. 74% of water in the United States is fluoridated, including Livonia, which is more than the rest of the world combined. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says numerous studies and comprehensive reviews continually recognize water fluoridation as an effective way to prevent tooth decay-naming it one of the Top Ten public health achievements of the 20th Century.

Day 3 and Prime Minister Stephen Harper did know of the 90k cheque

Day 3 and Prime Minister Stephen Harper Did Know Of The 90k Cheque

According to today's Hill Times article, Prime Minister Stephen Harper did know about the 90k cheque that his Chief of Staff Nigel Wright had given to Senator Mike Duffy. According to Duffy's lawyer, the former chief of staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, wrote a cheque for $90,000 to pay off suspended Senator Mike Duffy's expense claims after allegations he illegitimately claimed his P.E.I. summer home as a primary residence, and will testify at a criminal trial over the affair that Mr.



New facts have emerged regarding the fabricated story of GermanWings Flight 9525.  There are 3 key issues that will be addressed:  1. The phony story of a pilot attempting to use an axe to break into the flight deck.   2.  A remote hijack recovery system that could have been used to prevent this crash.  3.  The fighter jets that escorted the plane into the mountain. 
It is a well known fact in the airline industry, that the cockpit can be accessed by punching in a code via keypad on the door.

Guilty On All 30 Counts

Guilty On All 30 Counts

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been found guilty on all 30 counts in connection with the Boston Marathon Bombing that took place in 2013 and could quite possibly face the death penalty. The charges were 4 counts of murder, conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction, and 17 of the 30 counts carry a possible death sentence. The mainstream media describes Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as showing no remorse and that the court room was silent as each guilty count was read off. Many others including myself have major doubts about the "official story" surrounding the event.

Major Dirty Bomb Drill Scheduled For Northern California This Weekend

Major Dirty Bomb Drill Scheduled For Northern California
This Weekend

This Saturday April 11th over 200 law enforcement, airmen and soldiers will be participating in a massive full day emergency response exercise based on a "dirty bomb" type scenario. I am not saying anything is going to happen, however the history of drills going live should be enough to pay attention to this drill.

Reference Link http://richmondstandard.

Day 2 of the Mike Duffy Trial & it Just Keeps Getting Better

Day 2of the Mike Duffy Trial & it Just Keeps Getting Better

It appears that the Crown prosecutor does not agree with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Mike Duffy's eligibility to be a Senator in Parliament. Thousands of Canadians, as well as legal experts have previously discussed the criteria for someone to be a Senator. Our constitution makes it very clear that in order to be a Senator, they must reside in the province to which they are representing. It did not appear a problem for other Senators who live in their provinces, but Duffy did not live in PEI.

Today Begins the Trial That Could Bring Down The Harper Government

Today Begins the Trial That Could Bring Down 
The Harper Government

       Former Conservative Senator Mike Duffy, begins his trial today with 31 charges laid against him. Bribery and fraud and accepting a 90k cheque to pay back falsified expenses will be a major part of the case, however, what the Prime Minister knew and did not know will be paramount to finally getting answers on what happened. Did PM Stephen Harper know of the 90k cheque that Nigel Wright had given to Mike Duffy and if so, when did he know it.

Restore The Republic Show

 2015/04/16 Ep # 2 The USS Liberty Attack with Survivors Ernest Gallo & Ron Kukal

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  2015/04/09 Ep # 01 Special Guest Larry Pratt

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Tuesday, March 31 2015

Ep # 30

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Voices for 9/11 Truth

FFFA Freedom Free For All on MBC TV

 02 09 2015 Ep # 6 

On today's live broadcast from MBC Pacifica in Victoria, BC, Josh Steffler demonstrates how our beloved CBC is calling for mandatory vaccinations right in the "free" country we live in called, Canada. Also, what do Victorians think about the recent 'Right To Die' verdict in the Supreme Court? And, join Brad Rhodes on Rhodes Rage as he breaks down how the predatory elite ruling class fabricate crisis to cause the helpless public to defend erroneous dogma that "benefits" the so-called, greater good.

March Against Chem-trails Toronto Blog

Toronto Canada Event Blog

MBC Will Be Attending this years event & will be Livestreaming as well

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Global March Against Chemtrails Radio Promo

Global March Against Chem-trails LIVE Broadcast

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  2015/01/28 Interview with Steve Martin

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Living In Faith

Walking The Talk

  Ep # 09

 Ep # 08

Luke Michel and Chris Hampton, authors of “The Freedom Handbook” and co-founders of Incite Insight are interviewed in this show about their uplifting, yet eye-opening book - and the purpose behind Incite Insight.

Mark in typical “Walking the Talk” fashion asks them about the path that led them to write the book and start their social justice organization, as well as the actionable methods they’ve used to cultivate a greater sense of freedom in their own lives, which we can all employ.

Wake Up To The Truth Blog

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Interview with FOSTER GAMBLE the maker of the movie THRIVE

Interview with
the Maker of the Movie 

Air Date 12/16/2012

Archive Link 

Show Details

On this episode we will interview Mr. Foster Gamble, the maker of the movie "Thrive - What on Earth will it take?"

Being BOLD is part of the requirement at this time on the planet, as waking up and taking action is what is being called forth in order to reclaim our lives and our future.

911 TALKS with Bev Collins

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Ep # 72 
          ISIS, Ebola
    the Upcoming Crisis
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    Connecting the Dots

Ep # 70
   with Special Guest 
        Max Igan

11 21 2012 Truth Talk Ep 25 JFK 49th Anniversary

Truth Talk Ep #25 JFK 49th Anniversary

Air Date 11/21/2012

Arichive Link

Show Details

Truth Talk is hosted by Paul Webster & Chance George of WeAreChange Paris and we will be talking about the  49th Anniversary of the JFK murder.... We will explore the myths and questions...the Connections to the Bush Family, Zapruter film edits ..  and so much more..this will be a full 2 hour show and might even need an extra episode to follow.