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Day 2 of the Mike Duffy Trial & it Just Keeps Getting Better

Day 2 of the Mike Duffy Trial & it Just Keeps Getting Better

It appears that the Crown prosecutor does not agree with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Mike Duffy's eligibility to be a Senator in Parliament. Thousands of Canadians, as well as legal experts have previously discussed the criteria for someone to be a Senator. Our constitution makes it very clear that in order to be a Senator, they must reside in the province to which they are representing. It did not appear a problem for other Senators who live in their provinces, but Duffy did not live in PEI. Our Prime Minister knew he was not eligible, and chose to ignore our Canadian Constitution and the rules to be a Senator, and instead appointed the well known media personality anyway. Duffy in return traveled across Canada and spoke at Conservative Party fundraisers, bringing in lots of money for the Conservative Party. There is no doubt, that Duffy would have been told he was entitled to all the benefits of being a Senator and that as he was now a Senator from PEI would be able to claim those entitlements. The Conservatives tried to cover up the fact that Duffy asked for too much, when his expenses were brought into the public light. This CON party was willing to pay for his expenses to the tune of 30K to keep it quiet, but when they found out it was more like 90K he would owe back, they refused to help him. This is where the Nigel Wright our PM's former Chief of Staff came in, and created a plan to have Duffy collect a 90k cheque and pay back these expenses. It is illegal for anyone to give money to a sitting member of the Senate, and it is illegal to accept it, which Duffy has now been charged with. I still wonder why Nigel Wright is not being charged for giving the 90k to Duffy. This trial is going to get very interesting before it's over.

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